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Find motivation within us


You will always find Motivation within you. I strongly believe that, nobody except you, can motivate yourself. It is the fire in your belly, that will trigger you to cross your comfort zone, leading towards some extra ordinary achievements. The question is whether this happens naturally or it can be made to happen?

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During Covid-19 linked lock-down, near future appeared almost bleak. With no visibility of economic prospects, inner motivation of eternal optimists, like me also, dried. It was hard to remain motivated. However, my passion for my work and positive affirmations helped me in regaining the motivational spirits.

To my mind, motivation is complex phenomenon. What can trigger you to do something? To some it could be reading autobiography of a successful entrepreneur, to some it would be viewing motivational videos and what have you. But, unless one’s heart instructs his brain to go out for something, the phenomenon will not take place. So essentially, it is an internal process.

Some may say that motivation is natural and it can’t be engineered. Well, I think otherwise!

Motivation within us

According to me the phenomenon can be engineered. It starts with introspection about our skills and abilities. We need to introspect and put all the achievements of our life on paper. At younger age they could be hardly any. But eventually, at every age, everyone has some achievements. Those achievements need to be brought on table.  When we look at those achievements, we realize that, there are some skills and abilities linked to those achievements. Next thing, we need to gauge the levels of those skills & abilities and link them with the opportunities around us. We realize that there are plentiful of opportunities, matching our skills and abilities. Then heart plays role of rewiring the brain to go for a specific opportunity. That is called passion building towards something. With passion associated with any work, the work is an enjoyment.

Now, there are many situations after which one’s mind may get into introspection mode. It could be Disconnection for a while, taking up a healthy habit, trying something new, expressing yourself creatively on canvas, enjoying some awesome thing we created in past, enjoying singing in shower and finally reflect on everything that you have learnt.

When you find the motivation within you there is guaranteed satisfaction about whatever you do. Whether it will lead to economic success or not is not important. What matters is you followed what your guts told you to follow.


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