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Impress yourself and win others!

Impress yourself and win others
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Don’t impress others, impress yourself!

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There are so many different people that we deal day to day. They have different perspectives about what we do, they will judge us any way. If we try impressing each such person, by considering his or her perspective, we will get tired. We will be living their life and not ours.

When we introspect realize that most of the decisions that we take are under influence of someone else’s perspective. We buy costly branded shoes or T shirts to impress friends. We dine at costly hotels and share the pictures on social media, again to impress others. Some may like, some may envy, some won’t care. Do these different opinions actually help us ! No, they don’t.

Decide on a day when you do everything which you really want to do and don’t tell anyone about it or don’t share any pictures of the day on social media. Spend quality time with children or close friends, write in a journal about what you really want to contribute to society. When you hit bed that day, you will be really proud and happy for yourself.

Over a period, start with a hobby, which you always wanted to take up, but didn’t pursue, thinking about others. Buy a house, which comforts you and your pocket. Buy clothes, which are comfortable to you and not somebody else’s eyeballs. Buy a car, with functions just right for you. With all those decisions, you impress yourself.

These things will not just save you money, they will also give you happiness. You will realise that you have turned from a fake person, living somebody else’s life, to a genuine person living own life.

The solution to a lot of problems is to simply focus as much of your time and energy as you can, on being the person you want to be, to impress yourself. Stop spending time, money, and energy on things that are largely aimed at impressing others. If you devote your days toward becoming better, you go to bed happy, with yourself. If you do that over and over again, you become the kind of person everyone wants to have around.

You will realize that actually you impressing only yourself, ended impressing everyone around you. Keep doing your better than what you did yesterday. Determine to make your tomorrow better than today. That how you can impress yourself and in turn everyone around you.



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