Nobody is loser !


Nobody is loser. A person is winner or a learner. Still, many a times we hear people referring to someone as a loser. He is laughed at or looked down upon. Actually, he is a not a loser. It was the situation, that he couldn’t win in.

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Imagine, if Lionel Messi was asked to play cricket against Kohli or Sachin Tendulkar was to fight boxing against Mike Tyson. Will Nesi or Sachin win? No.

It would be the difficult situation that would turn them into a loser. So, even the world renowned winners will turn losers, in certain situations.


Nobody can make you loser. Unless you accept that as a state of mind. With series of failures, a person most likely will turn negative and weak. He will turn introvert and get in to shell. He or she will find problem in everything around him or her. He/ she will probably blame the luck. To my mind, luck is the concept invented by person in his weak state of mind, to explain his or her failures.

The persistent situational losses can turn even a winner in to a loser.  

How to kill loser mind set? By wearing a learner’s hat. Consistently remind yourself that, in difficult situations even world famous winners can turn losers.

So your loss was also situational. Analyse your response in loss making situation. Open your mind to discuss your losses with friends and relatives. Prepare a better response for such situations in future. Consistently tell yourself about good things that happened in your in life. Keep remembering your achievements, however small they might be. Every day, Practice positive affirmations for future.

In no time, the loser mind set will turn in to winner mind set.

Isn’t it easy for anyone to do ?


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