Why no temples of Lord Brahma?

Why no temple of Lord Brahma

A curse of Lord Shiva, casted upon Lord Brahma, is believed to be the reason for Hindus not builing temples of Lord Brahma and worshipping him. The story is explained in chapter 6, 7, and 8 of Vidyeshvara Samhita of Shiva Purana.

Pradakshina in temple – A divine ritual


ISKCON scholars explain to us that, meaning of Pradakshina is explained in the verses of Skanda purana. The word pradakshina is coining of four syllable, as follows Pra-da-ksi-na, the syllable “Pra represents dispelling of sin” the syllable “Da offers the desired” , the syllable “Ksi reflects destruction of bad karma and the syllable “Na represents salvation”.

The Family Man – Season 2, A must for Thriller lovers


The Family Man: season 2 – Thriller of the year! Amazon nailed it, with this one. In otherwise boring OTT world, this one has stirred excitement.

Why do we break coconut in temple ?

Why do Hindus break coconut

there is a sense of SACRIFICE behind offering and then smashing to break coconut, in front of God or Goddess. In ancient times, people used to offer live animals or even human beings, as a sacrifices to the Gods and Goddesses.

Peepal – a tree of life !


Peepal tree finds its roots in India, with aberrations like, Pimpal, peepul, Ashvattha, Bodhi, etc., depending on region and religion in India. In English, it is known as Sacred-Fig or Ficus-Religiosa.

Social Media during Pandemic

social media in pandemic

in times like Pandemic, social media has turned out to be a boon, for mankind.

Why are all Hanuman idols covered with Sindoor (Vermilion) ?


Hanuman started thinking that, by Sita mata applying pinch of sindoor, if life of Lord Rama increases with happiness. Then if he applies sindoor on his whole body, Lord Rama will be immortal.

Why do Hindu women apply sindoor ?

Why hindu women wear Sindoor

As per Hindu tradition, married women apply Sindoor (Vermilion) in the parting line of their hair (called Maang in Hindi), forming a small red stripe.

Why do Hindu men wear tilak on forehead ?


Tilak is important part of Hindu culture and few also few other cultures influenced by it, like Jainism, Buddism, Sikhism. It is visually noticeable mark of the culture.

Tesla – Regulatory Credits Story ?

Tesla Regulatory credits story

Tesla had to earn US$ 401 Million of regulatory credits in Q4 of FY20, for net income of US$ 270 Million. Best part about regulatory credits is that, they get directly added to the bottom-line. Tesla has secured almost US$ 1.6 Billion in these credits, till now.  Why regulatory credits to Tesla ? Many governments across world incentivise auto manufacturers, to...

Bitcoin – Roller coaster ride !


Emergence of Bitcoin in explained in Introduction to Blockchain blog.  It is a secured online system, for direct payment from one party to another without an intermediary, such as banks, etc. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate, with no central authorities or administrators. Managing transactions and the issuing of Bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network of nodes,...

R-value below 1 now! A sign of situation getting under control?


In last couple of months, cases of Covid-19 kept rising. They peaked above 4 lacs, in early May. Now, there is a good news. First time in few months, the R-value, i.e. the rate of spread of Covid-19, has fallen a notch below 1, on 15th May. It had touched 1.32 in March. This will bring sigh of relief...

Heroes of Pandemic


In year 2020, the world faced the worst pandemic in 100 years. No Government,  NGO or smartest of the people were prepared for this. It brought almost the entire world to standstill, for better part of 2020. Resulting in economic crisis for millions of people and most countries. The year also witnessed world coming together to fight Coronavirus. These...

Book Review – From Wealth to Power, The unusual origins of America’s world role, by Fareed Zakeria

From wealth to power by Fareed Zakeria

I was intrigued more with the subtitle of the book and I wondered what makes America a great nation that the countries around the world have influence not only on their economies but also social fabric of the society. I wondered what makes a few centuries old civilization an economic super power having impact on daily lives of people originating...